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What We Do

As former Medicaid caseworkers, we understand what Medicaid is looking for.

We prepare each case in a systematic manner for Medicaid eligibility.

We know how to present the information and how to expedite eligibility.


We discuss with you the specific details of your case i.e. medical needs, financial status and living situation etc. to ensure that the Medicaid application will be handled correctly and the spouse, who is not in a nursing home remains solvent.


Examine financial statements to identify items that Medicaid may question and help resolve issues to avoid a denial. Create a budget and a resource spreadsheet detailing the clients financial status for Medicaid eligibility.


Provide help with gathering documents required for Medicaid eligibility. Review the documents for completeness and assist in obtaining missing information.


According to the Medicaid Eligibility regulations we recommend a comprehensive plan to help pay for nursing home long-term care. Calculate the client and spouse's allowable resources to reach Medicaid eligibility.


Electronically save the documents and organize them in a way that is presentable to Medicaid.


Communicating directly with County and State workers through the entire process. Attending the initial interview to apply for Medicaid. Responding to all requests for further information. Keeping you informed; helping ensure your case is completed in a successful and timely manner. Representing you at a "fair hearing" if necessary.