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The opportunity to assist individuals applying for Medicaid from both sides of the desk – first in the public and then in the private sector provides invaluable assistance to clients and families at a time when it is most desperately needed.

Peggy Dineen

Serving as a county Medicaid specialist as well as a Medicaid consultant in the private sector, my qualifications include a vast knowledge of rules, regulations, restrictions and deep knowledge of financial and clinical eligibility for long-term care Medicaid. I created budgets, planned financial solutions, analyzed money trails, and organized information in a logical fashion to present to Medicaid caseworkers in New Jersey and New York.

Mary Beth Sapanara

As a Medicaid Specialist for a private financial firm, I have successfully completed hundreds of Medicaid applications. I have also worked Medicaid cases for Law firms and the Office of the Public Guardian. Working with the Office of the Public Guardian has given me a unique perspective as to the workings of government agencies. Knowing the rules and regulations of Medicaid helps ensure that the most complicated applications are organized and presented to Medicaid timely and appropriately.